Training of Internal Investigators – There are times when it is appropriate for an organization to conduct an internal investigation.  Often a Human Resource Manager or area/unit Supervisor is tasked with this responsibility.  Although these individuals may be proficient within their respective field, they may lack the knowledge or experience to conduct a proper investigation.

Masada Associates can deliver training workshops in:

  • Evidence gathering;
  • Interviewing techniques;
  • Report Writing.

This training will ensure internal investigations and the conduct of the investigator can withstand future legal scrutiny.

Assertiveness and Communicating under Pressure – This workshop is intended for small or large groups.  The training curriculum is designed to build confidence, develop communication skills, and encourage respectful dialogue.

▪ Anti-Bullying and Harassment Training – This training can be geared to all levels within an organization and teaches individuals to IDENTIFY, INTERVENE and INTERSECT, with others caught in the cycle of bullying and harassment.

Forensic Experiential Trauma Interview (FETI) © – Masada Associates has partnered with a Calgary-based Registered Psychologist who specializes in EMDR Therapy, to bring this unique training to Calgary.  The method provides a marked departure from other forms of interviewing and is fully adaptable to a range of scenarios.